The Information Marketing Primer For Helping and Healing Solo-Professionals – Part 4 – Free Report

In previous articles in this series, I talked about the importance of creating another stream of income in addition to your direct service hours. Information marketing is a natural fit for you as a solo-professional because of your extensive knowledge and expertise. It can prove to be a great source of additional income or replacement income should you cut back on direct service hours. I also discussed the importance of choosing your target market and creating an online presence.

In this article of the series, I will have you diving into the world of information marketing by creating your very first information product – the Free or Special Report. You may be asking yourself “If I’m supposed to be creating a revenue stream through selling my information to my targeted audience, why am I starting with a free product?”

There’s a good reason for it that I alluded to in previous articles…you have to build up your credibility and visibility and you have to build up your potential list of customers for your products. Having a blog is one way to create this credibility and visibility. Having a free report to offer from your static one-page or multiple page website is a critical way to increase your credibility and visibility and to drive people to your business. Making a sale directly to a “cold audience” isn’t easy, but it becomes much easier to make a sale if you are selling to people who are growing to know, like and trust you.

The Free or Special Report

There are two formats in which you can create your free or special report. One is in a written format and the other is in audio format. You are probably stronger in one or the other – writing or speaking – so start with the one that is best for you. But plan on having most of your information in more than one format because your customers most likely have their preferences for how they want to consume your information. I’ll focus on the written format in this installment and on the audio format in the next installment.

The first thing to do whether you are doing an audio or written free report is to decide the subject of this report. This is based on the target market you have chosen and what their most pressing needs are.

Let’s go back to an example in a previous installment of the nurse practitioner who specializes in working with children with ADHD. From your direct service work you know that two main concerns for parents are their child’s behavior problems and also their child’s low self-esteem. Your free report could focus on one or the other (not both) – managing behavior or helping raise their child’s self-esteem.

Or in the example of the acupuncturist who has a strong interest in helping people avoid diseases that are related to poor diet and lifestyle choices, your free report could focus on the factors that contribute to poor health or on the factors that contribute to good health.

The most important thing to remember in this report is that you are giving the “Why” and the “What”, but not the “How”…that is what they will have to pay for through your information products or your services.

You want to make sure that your free report is substantive but not so lengthy that it overwhelms your readers. A good minimum of pages is 10; maximum number is about 30 pages.

Make sure you give the free or special report a provocative or noteworthy title such as “10 Biggest Mistakes Parents of Children with ADHD Make…and How to Avoid Them” or “Seven Absolutely Essential Things You Have to Do to Not Die from Diseases Caused by Poor Lifestyle Choices”. These kinds of titles get people’s attention!

Here’s a simple format for the report:

State the problem or the source of pain for your targeted reader. (“As a parent, you find yourself frustrated and disheartened as every night turns into a battleground with your ADHD child…” or “Obesity is an epidemic in this country that is completely avoidable…”)

Add some real-life examples of this problem or pain – make it more real in their minds.

Explain why this is happening or what the causes are or what is the theory behind this problem.

Explain why what your readers have been doing to date hasn’t been working

Provide your solution without going into the “How” (“We know from several long-term studies that a behavioral program, coupled with family therapy can bring…” or “We know that eliminating processed foods, cutting out sugar, eating whole grains, fruits and vegetables…”)

Then give them the next step. For right now, as you do not yet have your information product developed, the next best step would be getting them to your email newsletter so that you can keep in touch with and eventually introduce your products to them. Once you do have a product, you will introduce it to your readers at the end of your free report. This change can be easily made when you are ready.

We will discuss the Ezine or email newsletter in Part Six of this series. Once you have your free or special report completed and your email newsletter in place, it’s time to start rolling out your information products to your audience. I’ll start presenting on how to develop these products in Part Seven.

How to Get Started in Online Marketing – Go Back to School

Whether you own a traditional brick and mortar business, or whether you are making a go of business online, you will need to learn how to use some of the latest tools of the trade to market your business on the internet.

Yes, even business owners with a physical location need to have a virtual presence. Why? It makes simple sense – that is where the business is coming from more and more as our technology-saturated youth become prolific consumers themselves.

So how do you get an education in online marketing? Will you need to go back to school for something like that?

In a word, yes. You need to educate yourself on the tools available to you online. Whether you are looking to launch a social campaign using free media, or a full-blown pay-per-click Google AdWords campaign, you need to look before you leap. The consequences of jumping off too soon could be thousands of wasted dollars with very little or no return.

So where do you go to get this kind of information? There are a number of really good resources out there, some are free, and some cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars. Over the coming weeks we will be taking a look at a number of these opportunities. We do not necessarily endorse any one of these, we simply make them available to you as a resource, you can do your own homework and decide if it will benefit you and your business. We will give you tips, though, on what we feel are valuable resources (of course, we wouldn’t include them if we didn’t think they were valuable), and we will tell you which ones are free and which ones will cost you money.

So where do we start?

Tonight we want to point in the direction of a brand new start-up opportunity, and we have a good reason for this, which I will explain momentarily. A site called theTRAFFICplan was just launched last month by creators and long time internet marketing entrepreneurs Jeff Long, Bob DeCecco and Franco Gonzales. Together this trio brings more than 40 years online marketing experience to the table, and they are building what is likely to become one of the internet’s premier training and development sites.

Currently the site has two membership levels, Basic and Premier. The basic level is free, and offers a wealth of information on various online marketing opportunities, including social medias such as facebook, MySpace, Youtube, Twitter, Blogs and many others, as well as paid sources of advertising such as pay-per-click, banner advertising and more. The training is offered both in online printable and recorded media, as well as through various live webinars and conference calls. The basic information that exists on the website today is only a precursor of what is to come as the site grows and expands, adding valuable materials in all forms of online marketing. And remember, all of this information is free to the basic members.

The premier level costs a little bit, and depending on the plan you enroll under you could pay an initial fee with an ongoing monthly subscription fee, or right now during their Grand Opening phase you can lock in a lifetime membership for a one time payment. The premier level content is still in the development phases so it is sparse on the site at this time, however, the benefits are worth considering. For example, future co-op advertising leads will be shared among the premier members, thus driving additional members to their primary business opportunities. The premier membership also includes the printed and media resources: Social Profit Streams 101, 201 and 301. These comprehensive manuals and training videos are designed to teach the members everything about Web 3.0, a unique combination of online marketing and social advertising.

The concept is simple: users, whether free or premier members, can help direct traffic to the site, providing a valuable resource for all would-be internet marketers. On the site they can also provide information to their referrals about their primary business opportunities. Many people who are looking for online marketing resources are also looking for the product to promote. The members also receive a commission from theTRAFFICplan when their referrals purchase any of the site’s materials.

In addition, the members can enroll in multiple free affiliate programs promoted by the site, and gain additional streams of income through affiliate sales of additional web marketing resources. And this is the primary reason we chose to highlight this opportunity ahead of all others: even the free members can earn a profit using this system. Free members can earn commissions direct from theTRAFFICplan site, from its affiliates, and through the promotion of their primary business opportunity – and all without ever investing a single penny. Of course, premier members earn higher commissions, but we think this is a stellar and (as far as we know) absolutely unique opportunity for beginners to the online marketing business to both learn and earn without risking anything.

Of course, there is always a risk to that approach: invest nothing, gain nothing. In other words, when someone is handed something for free they often do not treat it as diligently as they would something they had to work for. So, my question is, with such a tremendous opportunity in front of you, will you strike while the iron is hot, or will you sit back and wait to see what develops, and very likely miss the golden opportunity? The choice is yours. Be sure to check back with us over the coming weeks as we explore more of what the web has to offer serious online marketers and entrepreneurs.

4 Simple Steps to Success in Network Marketing (And Anything Else in Life)

What does it take to become a network marketing success story? What does it take to be successful in anything in life? This is the 20 million dollar question to which everyone is seeking the answer. I have been successful in many things during my 51 years of life, and unsuccessful at probably just as many. Through it all, I have learned one thing: There are no tricks. There are no shortcuts to success. This is true with anything that is worth accomplishing in life, and it is particularly true in network marketing.

I often speak with people who are looking to start a home-based network marketing business. I generally take this opportunity to have a very frank and honest conversation with them about what it takes to be successful in this industry. More times than not, they are looking for something easy, quick, and free and it’s the last time I hear from them.

No, there are no shortcuts to success in network marketing, but I have found that there is a simple 4-step process that, when used correctly can greatly increase your chances at becoming a network marketing success story and, for that matter just about anything in life. It’s an easy to understand formula that must be followed sequentially to be effective.

Step One: Acquire Knowledge. You cannot do anything in life without knowledge, and this is particularly true in marketing. Most people do not come into network marketing with prior prospecting and marketing experience, and there are many new things to learn. The first step in the process is KNOWLEDGE, to learn something new that will help you grow your business, something that will help you get more prospects, drive more traffic to your website, or help you learn to relate to these prospects more effectively.

Step Two: Implement What You Have Learned. The second step is to take your newfound knowledge and take action. If you studied a new marketing method, set up a new marketing campaign implementing what you have learned. If you have been studying skills on prospecting, begin utilizing these new skills when talking to prospects and observe the results. The key in Step Two is to TAKE ACTION.

Step 3: Analyze Your Efforts. This is the KEY step in the process that many network marketers miss (or avoid). Analyzing your results from Step 2 will help you understand what worked and what didn’t. But even more importantly, it will give you a solid direction on where to make improvements in the future. Without this step, you will have no direction on which to base future attempts. Rather, like many marketers you will simply be “shooting in the dark” and even worse, spending money without direction. When this happens, failure is imminent.

Step 4: Repeat Steps 1-3. Based on what you’ve learned from your previous attempts, it’s quite possible you’ll need to learn more in order to be successful. Go back to Step 1 and learn what’s needed. Incorporate that into a revised marketing strategy (Step 2) and analyze the results of this new effort (Step 3). Continue doing this until you have mastered this marketing or prospecting strategy.

Many if not most network marketers fall off the wagon at Steps 1 or 2. Most are willing to learn something new and are excited about starting. Some will never get past the first step, as learning something new becomes tedious and boring to them. Others will learn and even take action, implementing what they’ve learned. But once they see that their results were not what they expected, they fail to analyze their efforts and learn from their failures. Their efforts end at Step 2.

Only the people who continue to Steps 3 and 4 are the ones who will succeed and make significant money from their network marketing businesses. These are the people in the videos showing income proof that they are making 100K per month.

Are You Making These 3 Common Mistakes With Your Massage Marketing?

Most massage therapists are rather nervous when it comes to marketing. They’ve spent money on various bits of marketing material or a website and seen very little results from it. In fact, there are very few MT’s out there who’ve really got to grips with making their marketing effective.

However, like most things, once you know a few simple steps to take and what you need to avoid, it’s actually extremely simple!

Here are a couple of common mistakes you’ll want to avoid, so you stop throwing your money down the “marketing mistakes drain”.

Mistake #1 – Trying To Sell The Features Of Your Massages
I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “sell the sizzle not the steak”…. well the same goes for your massage business.

What benefits do your clients get from your massages? Because that’s all they care about!

Most MT’s try to sell their services on the features instead of these benefits. If you have a look at a few massage websites in your area you’ll see things like: “Helps improve your lymph flow”

The only people who know, or care about, what you’re saying are other MT’s. Joe Public, your target market, almost certainly has no idea what you’re saying. They just want to know if you can help them with a problem they’re having and what results they’ll get.

Solution – Avoid telling people how you do things and instead tell your audience what you can do for them, what the results will be and what’s in it for them. Answer the question “so what?” for your audience.

Mistake #2 – Trying To Be ‘Clever’ With Your Massage Marketing
I’m sure you’ve seen an ad on TV or in a magazine recently that made you wonder what exactly it was they were advertising!

A lot of big companies use this type of marketing and waste a lot of money doing so. When you have limited funds, as in a small business, you need to make sure your marketing is geared to getting you clients.

Anything else is purely noise. This includes fancy graphics, logos, letter heads and the look and feel of your marketing material. If it doesn’t add to your message and make your target market want your massages more, then it’s irrelevant. It’s as simple as that!

Solution – Give your audience an offer they can’t refuse, that solves their biggest problem and put it in language they can understand.

Mistake #3 – Using Marketing You Can’t Measure The Results Of
I’m sure you’ve done some marketing in the past for your business and wondered whether it was worth the price and effort or not…

You need to be able to measure the results of all of your marketing materials. Otherwise, how will you know if you want to repeat it again, or whether it was actually worth the time or money you put into it.

Solution – Use direct response marketing where know exactly how many people have seen your material, how many people book a session with you because of it.

Direct response marketing, is really the only sensible marketing for an MT. It has all the elements of:

* Building a relationship with your audience via a story they can relate to emotionally

* Giving them value so they understand more about their problem and what they need to do to solve it

* Speaking directly to them (instead of the usual egotistical “it’s all about me” marketing)

* Providing a clear, concise call to action so they know what to do next to solve their problem

* What benefits they’ll receive by having massages from you

If you avoid these 3 common mistakes in your massage marketing, you’ll soon know exactly what marketing materials you want to spend your money on because you’ll know precisely how effective it is… And frankly, who wouldn’t invest $47 in something that was going to make them $100+ ??

You want massage marketing materials that get people to actually call you and book an appointment. To find out how to do this request the free 7 Steps To Instant Clients program from Massage Marketing Made Easy.