A View of Your Business Marketing Future

Let’s imagine…

….how your new website will serve you…

… after it has become a highly optimized, direct response website.

Because of your targeted search engine optimization, a potential customer sees your site within the top 10 results on Google, Yahoo or Bing. Clicking on the link, they are taken to your highly informative and interactive website. They discover your new blog with its weekly updates provides just the type of information they need to receive on a recurring basis. So, they sign up for your RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed.

Next, they see the offer of a report, tip sheet or ecourse that provides exactly the guidance they need. To receive this product, they complete your response form. This form gathers their name, the entity they work for, a phone number and an email address. Upon completion of the form, they automatically receive the report through your auto-responder. The message tells them to be watching for their first copy of your newsletter, and lets them know they will receive notice when new information is uploaded to your website. Part of this new information will be the notice of the weekly blog post. Since all of this is automated, simply by the potential client completing the form, all of the rest occurs without intervention by your staff.

One more step takes place automatically. A designated person on your sales staff is automatically notified that a new potential client has registered. A prepared email from that staff person is automatically sent to the new registrant thanking them for requesting the report and providing personal contact information. Within 24 hours, one of your sales persons places a follow-up phone call. That call is the first time human intervention takes place. Everything up to that point is automated.

Key Components

The cornerstones of today’s internet marketing efforts include:

  • A fully search engine optimized, direct response website.
  • An active blog.
  • An email campaign.
  • Article and video marketing.
  • A well-rounded social media marketing campaign. Coupled together, these interwoven pieces will exponentially increase your market share.

Measurable Results

Internet Marketing is the only type of marketing able to provide detailed tracking information. Tracking is also available within your email marketing system. With a full service email marketing system you know how many of your messages reached their destination, and if there are any links within the body of your message, you can track how many clicks that link received. Your system will also track how many email addresses were undeliverable and if anyone made any complaints against your email marketing program.

Article and video marketing will increase your page rank in search engine results while also increasing your Know-Like-Trust (KLT) factor. Social media marketing exponentially increases your KLT factor while simultaneously providing a platform for viral marketing that reaches into markets you would probably have no other way of reaching.