How to Not Get Your Direct Mail Promotions Thrashed

Marketing by means of direct mail promotions have become one of the most preferred trends in promotion and advertising. Over the year, it has proven its value especially for small-time businesses that are promoting their product and services.

But then, the most frustrating problem that is encountered using this strategy is junk mail. Oftentimes, your direct mail promotions are considered junk by its receivers. This is because inboxes are full of them. Every day, those kinds of mails are taking over most of the space in the mailboxes. And people are not too happy receiving them.

In addition, they are also aware of spam. Email services nowadays have built in capabilities that warn people about the kind of mail that they are receiving. Most of them delete these spam mails even before people can read them.

There is a big possibility that your mail is considered as one. This means that you are being shut down before you can introduce yourself.

In spite of all these things, companies and businesses are still direct mails to potential customers. Why? Because this has proven to be an effective marketing strategy.

It is true that people junk mails before opening them. It is also true that most of them read first or scan through them before they click on the delete button. That is the time when they will decide if you mail is worth keeping and reading.

Once they see that you have in you something that they need, some will even respond and will wait for further communication from you. This is the start of a good business relationship between the two of you.

The thing to remember is that your direct mail promotion should grab your readers the very first time they see it. According to surveys, the more readers read about the product or services, the more they are inclined to avail of those.

This principle can be seen from media and print advertisements. People are usually presented by a product over and over. Those who do not have a need for it at the moment will not be interested immediately. But then, when the time comes for that need, the first thing that they will want is the product that they have seen many times in the past.

There are even cases that even though people do not need these things, they are enticed into buying them because they find the endorsement attractive and appealing. And without further ado, they will have that product in their possession in no time.

The same thing should be applied to direct mail promotion. You have to make sure that the persons getting them are targeted. This basically means that you have to send them to people that might be in need of your product or service.

Even if they do not have a need for it at the moment, they should get interested enough to inquire more about what you offer them. This may be because they are curious and want to get more information about it.

Keep in mind that the statistics are showing the small percentage of response being generated by direct mail promotions. This is why you should make your mails more attractive and interesting at all times.

Base it from your own experience. What kind of mails attracts you? Differentiate them from those you consider junk. From there, you can expand that concept and be one of those who are earning more money through direct mail promotions.

2 Ways To Use Direct Mail

Direct mail is a topic that not a lot of people want to get acquainted with. But for those who pursue direct mail, you should know that it’s a very good way to earn a lot of money quickly in your business. Direct mail is one of those strategies that are legendary, and still work today using the same principles based on decades ago.

Now there are some ways that you can add “bells and whistles” to your campaign to make it even more effective and boost your conversion rates, and it’s something that you should consider using if you want to make a lot of money with direct mail in your business.

So how can you make money with direct mail? Well it’s simple really. You can use it in a variety of ways. Here’s the first way:

1) After you generate a lead

When you run an ad and the purpose of that ad is to generate a lead, you will want to send your leads your package that intended to close the sale for you. Direct mail done this way can lead to incredible conversion rates. If you continue to use mail to your leads for up to 12 months, you will find that you can achieve conversion rates near 10% as opposed to the national average of just 1%.

The trick here is to generate a lead first. Once you have that lead, contact them on a monthly basis until they buy or if they tell you not to contact them anymore. Here’s another way to use direct mail:

2) Renting a mailing list

For most big businesses, this is where they obtain the names of people to mail to. The average response rate for this form of direct mail is 1% – so you see that there is a chasm between this form of direct mail, vs the other form where you generate a lead first.

The cost for the leads that you acquire can get quite expensive. Most list owners require a minimum of 5000 names to be rented before they release their list to you. This is just a general list of customers, but if you want to get more specific, you will have to pay more. Here’s an example.

Suppose you go and rent 5000 names, and you ask to have only people who are from California or Texas, who earn over $50,000 a year, who are all males, who has a Visa card, and who just paid the list owner $300 within the last 30 days. A list like this will be expensive, but because of the targeting that you are doing, your chances of having a direct mail campaign that succeeds will improve.

These 2 forms of direct mail marketing are something that you need to think about the next time you plan on rolling out with an advertising and marketing strategy. Make sure the intent is clear, and that you’re firm with your decision. This will give you the greatest chances of success in your business.

Good luck with using these tips to earn more money in your business today.

How to Use Twitter For Marketing Without Using Spam!

It has become well known that for marketing products or services using social networks such as twitter, it can be very profitable if used the right way. However, most marketers make the same mistakes in using this service and not only do they not have success, they actually hurt their own reputation. This short article is designed to give some great tips for professional marketers to succeed on twitter.

The following are the biggest mistakes most marketers make on twitter:

1… Spam. Many marketers think that they can just get a bunch of people to follow them and then start sending advertisements for followers to read. This is a huge mistake and will ensure that not only will you not get anyone to click your ad, you will also ensure that followers will ignore all future posts you make. If you want the fastest way to become ignored and hated on twitter, go ahead and send your spam. I can promise you that you will be providing the greatest sales prevention program ever to your followers.

2… Mass Following Others Hoping They Follow Back. If you want to get followers that will actually read your posts this is the worse way to accomplish this. Most people that follow back will be using auto follow services which means that they are only following you back in hopes that you will read their advertisements. So you will not gain any readers of your posts this way!

So what is the right way to use Twitter for Internet marketing professionals? It’s actually very basic. Then there is the right way to send out an advertisement without actually sending spam. You need to learn some basic etiquette in doing this…

Some Tips To Marketing On Twitter:

(A)… How to Build Followers That Will Read Your Messages: You must be personal just like a non-commercial user. There really is no shortcuts to this and you must at least spend a little time building your following. You will need to actually communicate with using the twitter reply function to talk to people before simply following them and hoping they follow you back. It’s OK to follow someone but you cannot expect them to follow you and actually read your future messages if they have not had any past personal conversations with you! With just a couple of simple short conversations back and forth you will establish a relationship that will make them want to read your messages!

(B)… How To Send Out Ad’s To Followers: The first thing to understand is that if it looks like a straight advertisement then the rule of thumb is to NOT send it out! So how do you advertise to followers your products or services? You need to also understand that the amount of messages you send that are advertising related should be less than 5% of the total messages you send that are not commercial related! Twitter is a social network NOT a medium for running commercials about your products. Followers do not follow you because they want to read your advertisements. They follow because they like what you have to say in regards to advice or even simple talk. When your ready to throw out a message that is in any way commercial in nature you should instead direct them to your web site with an article that provides value in reading (something that can help them) and then within the article have your actual advertising. Using this method will not only get someone reading your advertisement, it will also ensure that your followers are provided with constant reading material that will keep them coming back for more.

(C)… An Easy Way To Send Commercial Messages On Twitter? OK, here you go… If you insist on sending blatant advertising messages on twitter then use twitters free BizFollow service. This will allow you to send out commercial advertising without affecting your own twitter account and only twitter users who have elected to view these type of messages will read it. Here is how this works: 1… You follow the twitter user @BizFollow. 2… Within a short time BizFollow will automatically follow you back. 3… You then send your marketing message as a direct message to BizFollow. 4… BizFollow will automatically take and post your message as if BizFollow had directly posted it. Pretty slick huh? All of the other followers to BizFollow will see your message and your twitter account will not be affected!

In Closing: You must realize what Twitter is: “A Social Networking Medium”. To use it successfully you need to use it as such and brand yourself as a actual person that enjoys talking to others and show that you are there to provide value in conversations. (Not as a commercial entity)… Understanding this is the key to successful marketing on twitter. Take a close look at the successful marketers on twitters and you will notice that this is one thing that they all have in common!