A How to For Real Estate Broker Marketing

As real estate broker marketing is one of the essential things for you to do. This is what will increase property exposure. Consistence is important when you are distributing the materials, which will alert others to the services offered as well as the existence of the business. While you are choosing among the many marketing materials available you want to choose the ones that will work best.

There are a few things to keep in mind before you go and buy any kind of real estate broker marketing materials. Signs for the open houses and for the listings are important for marketing of houses, so they are something to think about for the times that you are selling. Otherwise, you should have magnets for the vehicle you drive in order to advertise the services that you offer.

Reaching others is something you can do by many different ways, such as online. Potential clients and real estate agents are the people that you will reach through your real estate broker marketing. You want to reach as many people as possible and can do this by things such as promotion materials and direct mailings as well.

With real estate broker marketing, selling will involve the use of signs on properties in order to draw attention to them. The signs should use bold letting and have appeal. Place banners and signs for open houses in an area that others can easily see them.

As part of real estate broker marketing, direct mailings are another aspect to utilize and should consist of things such as door hangers, magnets, business cards as well as other marketing materials. Agents are someone to advertise to and when you are selling you will definitely want to advertise to those who are potential clients. The materials you use should have a message, which is clear and easy to see.

Online is one area that will open up a whole other arena for your broker marketing, while giving you access to a whole other area of customers. When you have a site, you should have a person that is a professional create it, so it will be easier for you and a customer to use. With this option, you will also have access to the ability to send electronic mail too.

Use a variety while working in real estate marketing. As a broker, you are sure to sell at times and should always offer services to agents.

Are You Making These 3 Common Mistakes With Your Massage Marketing?

Most massage therapists are rather nervous when it comes to marketing. They’ve spent money on various bits of marketing material or a website and seen very little results from it. In fact, there are very few MT’s out there who’ve really got to grips with making their marketing effective.

However, like most things, once you know a few simple steps to take and what you need to avoid, it’s actually extremely simple!

Here are a couple of common mistakes you’ll want to avoid, so you stop throwing your money down the “marketing mistakes drain”.

Mistake #1 – Trying To Sell The Features Of Your Massages
I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “sell the sizzle not the steak”…. well the same goes for your massage business.

What benefits do your clients get from your massages? Because that’s all they care about!

Most MT’s try to sell their services on the features instead of these benefits. If you have a look at a few massage websites in your area you’ll see things like: “Helps improve your lymph flow”

The only people who know, or care about, what you’re saying are other MT’s. Joe Public, your target market, almost certainly has no idea what you’re saying. They just want to know if you can help them with a problem they’re having and what results they’ll get.

Solution – Avoid telling people how you do things and instead tell your audience what you can do for them, what the results will be and what’s in it for them. Answer the question “so what?” for your audience.

Mistake #2 – Trying To Be ‘Clever’ With Your Massage Marketing
I’m sure you’ve seen an ad on TV or in a magazine recently that made you wonder what exactly it was they were advertising!

A lot of big companies use this type of marketing and waste a lot of money doing so. When you have limited funds, as in a small business, you need to make sure your marketing is geared to getting you clients.

Anything else is purely noise. This includes fancy graphics, logos, letter heads and the look and feel of your marketing material. If it doesn’t add to your message and make your target market want your massages more, then it’s irrelevant. It’s as simple as that!

Solution – Give your audience an offer they can’t refuse, that solves their biggest problem and put it in language they can understand.

Mistake #3 – Using Marketing You Can’t Measure The Results Of
I’m sure you’ve done some marketing in the past for your business and wondered whether it was worth the price and effort or not…

You need to be able to measure the results of all of your marketing materials. Otherwise, how will you know if you want to repeat it again, or whether it was actually worth the time or money you put into it.

Solution – Use direct response marketing where know exactly how many people have seen your material, how many people book a session with you because of it.

Direct response marketing, is really the only sensible marketing for an MT. It has all the elements of:

* Building a relationship with your audience via a story they can relate to emotionally

* Giving them value so they understand more about their problem and what they need to do to solve it

* Speaking directly to them (instead of the usual egotistical “it’s all about me” marketing)

* Providing a clear, concise call to action so they know what to do next to solve their problem

* What benefits they’ll receive by having massages from you

If you avoid these 3 common mistakes in your massage marketing, you’ll soon know exactly what marketing materials you want to spend your money on because you’ll know precisely how effective it is… And frankly, who wouldn’t invest $47 in something that was going to make them $100+ ??

You want massage marketing materials that get people to actually call you and book an appointment. To find out how to do this request the free 7 Steps To Instant Clients program from Massage Marketing Made Easy.

Direct Mail Marketing – It Still Exists?

People have grown accustomed to giving and receiving emails that they have probably forgotten that the original form of electronic mail is simple mail. Thanks to the power of the Internet, advertising through snail mail has been replaced by advertising through email. However, there are still some people who patronize direct mail marketing so we might as well talk about the advantages and disadvantages of direct mail and how one may benefit from it in the world full of modern innovations and technology.

Old Fashioned Advertising

Direct mail marketing is now considered to be an old fashioned kind of advertising because not only is it time consuming and expensive, it also adds bulk and mess to the recipients life.

Direct mail marketing usually involves CDs, advertising circulars, catalogs, pre-approved credit card applications, and other commercial merchandising stuffs that aim to make the customer bite the bait.

Although direct mail marketing may have been an effective way of generating more revenue for a business in the past, it is becoming out of place in a world full of new gadgets and technological innovations.

Direct mail marketing may have clicked with people in the past because Internet has not yet been born or used as a way to grab more customers or clients. Nowadays, internet network marketing is a more popular and preferred way to earn money. Not only is it faster and easier, it also costs less than the traditional direct mail marketing.

Advantages For Direct Mail Marketers

Direct mail can be personalized and tailored to the needs of each customer, especially if the customer has already transacted business with a certain company in the past. Advocates proudly argue that direct mail marketing is very efficient in the use of advertising dollars, gets responses that are easily measured, highly selective, targeted, and personalized, flexible and can easily undergo high quality production.

However, more and more people are realizing that the positive features of direct mail marketing can easily be equalled or even topped off by internet network marketing! Environmentalists are also pro-internet network marketing because through email marketing, less papers are used – meaning, less trees are cut down and destroyed.

Come to think of it, a big percentage of paper usage has been traced up to companies or businesses who send out mail advertising in bulk. The current trend today is to ditch direct mail marketing and just focus on maximizing the power of internet network marketing.

Perhaps the greatest disadvantage of direct mail marketing is the waste that it produces. People who receive snail mail advertising would usually just read or browse the advertisement once and then throw it away after. Environmentalists are actually a bit relieved these past few years thanks to the rising popularity of internet network marketing.

Out With The Old, In With The New

If you want to be successful in marketing your business, you might as well ditch the old fashioned way of marketing. Do not waste time sending snail mail advertising to your prospect clients. Direct mail marketing is already in its twilight years. You can make successful marketing waves right at your very home, without having to go to the postal office! You just have to know and harness the art of internet network marketing and you’ll be all set to fulfil your dreams and be a successful entrepreneur.